Valve decreasing their fee for selling games on Steam

Large companies are gradually ceasing to release their most important games on Steam: for example, this fall, the Valve platform missed Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76, although previous parts of these episodes always appeared there. Of course, Gabe Newell's company feels a business problem, and therefore introduces relief for developers who produce the most profitable games.

The standard share of sales on Steam, which Valve takes for itself, is 30%. In the group for developers, the platform holder announced that now everything works a little differently:

• When the game earns more than $ 10 million on Steam, Valve begins to take 25% instead of 30%.
• When the game earns more than $ 50 million on Steam, Valve starts to take 20% instead of 25%.

The earnings of the game include sales of the game itself, sets with it, DLC, in-game transactions and items from the Steam marketplace. The rule is valid on the money that the game brings from October 1, 2018.

Valve openly admits: in this way, she hopes to spur the interest of the creators of large games so that they are more willing to work with Steam and the community of the site.

In addition, the changes appeared in the confidentiality agreement: now partners can openly talk about sales of their games on Steam. Previously, developers had to check with Valve if they were allowed to disclose such data.

Recall that 30% - the standard "margin" in the industry, which operates in the vast majority of large digital stores. According to rumors, Valve has already made concessions for large publishers to keep them on Steam, but did so as an exception. Now the reduced share of deductions for successful games has become the rule.

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