Project Nova - postoned again

In October, CCP Games staged a demonstration of Project Nova - a shooter in the universe of EVE Online, a kind of successor to Dust 514 c PlayStation 3. It was assumed that alpha testing with the participation of ordinary gamers would take place in November, but alas - they decided to restart the game.

In an official post, CCP said that she tirelessly tested the game, did a lot of research with third-party partners, and asked for advice from the most prominent members of the community. Now the developers pondered the reviews and realized that Project Nova in its current form does not match the original vision and can not cope with the ambitious plans of CCP.

The creators of Project Nova take a step back and begin to think the concept over again. However, the basic idea will not change - this is a team shooter, which in the end should be an important part of the EVE universe. As CCP assures, developers have enough time: they will be able to spend as much time with the game as it takes to forge a solid gameplay base and a picture corresponding to a project of this level.

In general, there is nothing for the public to test now, so CCP canceled the November “alpha” for the community and apologized to fans who were disappointed by the disappointing news.

Recall that the first version of Project Nova offered modes for PvP and PvE, and later had to get tight integration with EVE Online. Gameplay can be viewed here.

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