Infinity Blade - Fortnite | Winter Royale

Fortnite's Infinity Blade popped into existence , killing individuals in a single hit, destroying buildings and bestowing anyone carrying it out using regenerating health. It's devastatingly powerful, much like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, and its inclusion during the Winter Royale tournament has created chaos. It's been a pleasure to watch, but some players are less than pleased.

The Infinity Blade isn't a balanced weapon. Just one spawns per match and it turns players to nearly unstoppable killing machines. It is like playing a WMD while everybody else just has scissors. That is the allure --it's crazy and absurd. It's a lot of fun, and while that's very good for the game in general, it is apparently less welcome at a competitive setting such as the Winter Royale.

Winter Royale players are competing for $1 million and also have no time for pleasure. The Fortnite Funny Twitter account sums up the issue. "Imagine playing Fortnite for an entire calendar year, you grind tough enough to qualify for the #WinterRoyale 1 million dollar tournament and you lose because Epic makes the decision to add a sword it is almost impossible to die together with the day of the tournament..."

The timing looks odd, especially when the EU qualifiers did not contain the sword, but every player in the championship is also in exactly the same boat. Some of them can lose to a sword-wielding maniac, just like some of them can drop from being shot in the head with a concealed enemy. And as irritating as I'm sure it is to eliminate a potentially huge payday simply because someone snatched a weapon before you could, it's much more fun from the spectator side of the competition. Aggressive Fortnite has never been so much fun to watch.

There's an argument the blade should've been locked away in a limited time event, not unleashed about the standard style and tournament, but where is the fun in that? Death to balance!

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