Epic Games in 2019: Fortnite and other games

In June, when the royal battle of Fortnite reached the Nintendo Switch, many users of the hybrid device could not log in to their accounts. The source of the problem was Sony - it opposed the console cross-pleya, and the PS4-linked accounts did not work on other consoles. Because of this, gamers had to create new accounts, on which there were no statistics and elements of customization obtained earlier.

In September, Sony finally thought better of it and turned on the console cross-play in Fortnite - the owners of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch were able to play together. Unavailable accounts in the Switch version have been unblocked.

Thus, some owners of a semi-portable device had two “accounts” - the main one (with the PlayStation 4) and the new one, created specifically for the Switch. And each has its own set of jewelry and in-game currency. In order to make life easier for players, Epic Games employees gathered to introduce the function of merging records into Fortnite. Initially, it should have been added this month, but something went wrong.

On the official Fortnite website, developers reported that the ability to merge accounts will appear in early 2019. The reason for the delay is unresolved technical problems.

When the system becomes active, you can transfer the statistics of victories, access to the “Battle with the Storm” mode, In-Bucks and items from several accounts to the main one. You can link records without transferring existing progress right now - the official instructions will help you with this.

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