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How to boost Solo MMR in Dota 2?

What is needed for a successful raising of the solo rating? And how to quickly raise mr in dota 2? Most likely, images from professional games immediately pop up in my head, where the whole team plays very harmoniously, there is no 5 Carry in peak, no one is trying to love your whole family ... But in today's realities, when the Russian dota community is mired in the abundance of schoolchildren and degenerates playing "for fun" to have a decent rating is quite difficult. I will give a couple of good tips for the game:

In a solo rating, a lot depends on the peaks. Most often, you will have to adapt to your own, and to the enemy team, to play in each game in different roles. But in any case, try to choose heroes who, in the event of inadequate behavior of your team, will be able to fight off the enemy’s attacks alone (see below for specific heroes). You shouldn’t hope for your team in everything, but from the start it’s not necessary to count everyone as cancers either And with a good, and with a bad team, you can win games if you correctly use game situations to your advantage.

Как поднять MMR в Dota 2: легкие рецепты по поднятию рейтинга

If you are not satisfied with any action of your ally, first of all - not dizmoral! Swearing turns into arguments, mats and shouts, your team begins to feed, and in the end the game is again merged. It is best to try to calmly explain your team a mistake, and if your allies consider themselves to be right in everything, to whip them. Never give up. Even if you think that the loss of one side means a complete defeat. Remember, while your throne is standing, the game is not lost, and the comeback is real even for 2-3 k. If it seems to you that the upcoming fight in the enemy forest (for example) is obviously lost, but there is still a possibility to avoid it, it is better not to stick into it. Less die, do not go to the probable frags under the enemy towers. It is better to die 3-4 times per game and have 5-6 kills than 20 kills and 20 deaths.

Which heroes should you use to Boost rank in Dota 2?

The list of heroes for raising the solo rating is extremely small, since almost all the characters in DotA are created for team play. To boost Dota 2 MMR you will need next heroes:

Slark One of the pub benders, whose contra on low ratings causes problems for players. Given the fact that lately they have been collecting Shadow Blade shadowblade, it is becoming more and more difficult to hunt down and kill this fish. Thanks to his ultimate, Slark is able to escape from the most dangerous fights for life, and the first ability, pressed in time, drops all negative effects (including camps) from the hero. Slark paired with a support is able to make keels at early levels, and with the receipt of ultimate it goes to look for prey in solo.

Phantom Assassin. Very strong hero who is able to fight and humiliate opponents from the very beginning of the game. For players of 2-3 to the rating, the hero creates problems both because he is left on a free farm, and because many players on this rating farm are very bad, and by the time the Phantom is ready to bend over massive fights, none of them have a Monkey King Bar. What else are unexpectedly departing and big crits?


Templar Assassin. The templark answers the question - how to raise the MMD. If you learn to play well on this character, you can easily win the rink behind the rink. First, the hero is versatile and very mobile. Secondly, it deals a lot of damage, collecting only a couple of items, such as the Desolator desolator and Deadalus Crit. By the way, often experienced players raise MMPs on this particular character.

Drow Ranger. A hero that is fairly easy to manage, can stand in mid-light or in a light line. Trax has everything for good farming, pushing and fighting - slowing down, silence, a big increase in dexterity (and, respectively, to damage, attack speed and armor) with obtaining ultimate and aura for allies with a long-range attack. It does not require too much farming to engage in fights.

Timbersaw Timber is picky in choosing the line, can stand in solo or in double, in midi or in hard. For him, the most important thing is getting a fast level. 2 of 3 active skills of Timber have pure damage, so big troubles to the enemy can be delivered even at the stage of lining. Also a huge problem for enemy support is its passivation, which regen health and increases armor with each poking received. That is the same Rubik, standing against Timber, not only does not naharassit him, but also othilit.

From the support I advise you to take Ogre Magi, Crystal Maiden or Shadow Shaman. All of them have a good set of abilities and in order to survive with a minimum purchase, and make a good impact in the mass fights. And also, if the bark of your team is very bad, with a strong purchase these supports are able to work wonders, you just have to farm a little.

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