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Infinity Blade - Fortnite | Winter Royale

Fortnite's Infinity Blade popped into existence , killing individuals in a single hit, destroying buildings and bestowing anyone carrying it out using regenerating health. It's devastatingly powerful, much like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, and its inclusion during the Winter Royale tournament has crea…

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Artifact is dying right now | Gaben's greatest miss

At the previous 24 hours, it appeared in a not insubstantial 12,670 gamers, but that is quite the drop in the 60,740 parallel players in November 29. Additionally, it is gone a little lower. It started 2 weeks ago.

It peaked only after launching is not surprising, however, the decrease since then…

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Prey's new multiplayer mode

Fortnite is a gigantic, cross-platform, online endeavor that supports millions of people playing in exactly the exact same time, along with the programs which allow that performance"are more expensive to construct, analyze, and harden in real life states," states Epic. Since it's already done the he…

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Artifact will change Dota 2 completely

Artifact is a game in the Dota 2 universe, so the plot passions they intersect. To expand the events of both games, Valve launched a new line of comics.

According to the company, Artifact is not just a card accompaniment for Dota 2. It will deepen the story, saturate the world with new details an…

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Artemis Fowl on a big screens

Artemis Fowl” is, if I may say so, “Harry Potter”, on the contrary. Here in the center of the plot is not the sufferer and the embodiment of good, but the young criminal genius. And not the magical world comes to the hero, but the hero is looking for the magical world.

The original "Arte…

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Battlefield V is much less popular then Battlefield 1

The British Association of interactive entertainment and research company GfK Chart-Track summed up the next week of game sales in the United Kingdom. “Black Friday” has made its own adjustments in the top 10 - less recent releases have joined the hot updates, which were released with discounts.

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Epic Games in 2019: Fortnite and other games

In June, when the royal battle of Fortnite reached the Nintendo Switch, many users of the hybrid device could not log in to their accounts. The source of the problem was Sony - it opposed the console cross-pleya, and the PS4-linked accounts did not work on other consoles. Because of this, gamers had…

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Project Nova - postoned again

In October, CCP Games staged a demonstration of Project Nova - a shooter in the universe of EVE Online, a kind of successor to Dust 514 c PlayStation 3. It was assumed that alpha testing with the participation of ordinary gamers would take place in November, but alas - they decided to restart the ga…

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Valve decreasing their fee for selling games on Steam

Large companies are gradually ceasing to release their most important games on Steam: for example, this fall, the Valve platform missed Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76, although previous parts of these episodes always appeared there. Of course, Gabe Newell's company feels a business problem…

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Time for Crackdown 2

Three years following the launch of this cult hit, Crackdown, and Ruffian are under stress to provide on a sequel which fixes the difficulties of their very first and enhance upon the game play.

And in some respects they have achieved this with Crackdown two, and others they have failed to delive…

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Let's talk about DeathSpank.

DeathSpank. Having a title like that you are able to tell it warrants a ten right off. Regrettably I can not simply review a match based on its brief and honestly excellent name. Damn.

Aside in the thoughts of Ron Gilbert it had been evident from the beginning which DeathSpank was likely to be so…

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My thoughts about Lego Harry Potter!

Whoever has played of the prior Lego matches will feel right at home with all the fundamentals of the game.

Regrettably that has lead to some significant problem, when you've not read the Harry Potter novels nor watched the movies then your going to be lost.Not only lost in reality, totally and c…

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